Water The Way Nature Intended

At a Refill Station Near You

Available in 2020

We make water refill stations for…


Our refill station will give your citizens an easy and affordable way to fill their water bottles. They’ll save up to 70% of the price of a new plastic water bottle. You’ll get a new and substantial revenue stream—and the oceans will stay clean and full of fish. Learn More


Bottled water takes large amounts of shelf space but typically earns supermarkets profit margins as low as 1-3%. Our refill stations offer supermarkets an easy and profitable way to raise their profit margins on water sales as high as 50% while also clearing their shelf space for more profitable products.   

Fast, Casual Dining/Convenience Stores

We offer fast, casual dining outlets and convenience stores an easy and profitable way to raise their profit margins on bottled water by up to 50%, and clear their shelves for more profitable products.

About Our Water

We take regular tap water and re-wild it back to the way nature intended it to be

Why Urban Springs?


Refill stations everywhere means fewer plastic bottles in the ocean and in landfills

High Quality

Our re-wilded water tastes great, and is free of chemicals, sand, metals, and bacteria


Customers save up to 70% of the regular price of a plastic water bottle


We aim to put a Urban Springs refill station in every corner of every major city in Europe within five years

How it Works


1. Locate

Find a refill station near you using our app.


3. Fill Up

  1. Place your empty bottle below the spout. The water will start flowing automatically and will stop when the bottle is full.

2. Pay

Choose your bottle size and make a payment. Pay with a credit card or online.


4. Enjoy

The purest, cleanest water available today. Your body will thank you—and so will the planet.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Displaying environmental responsibility is good for the planet—and good for business. Studies have shown that companies showing high levels of corporate social responsibility (CSR), whether through charitable donations or environmentally-friendly policies, enjoy easier recruitment, higher staff retention, deeper customer loyalty, and can charge a premium on selected products.