About Us

Urban Springs was created with a single goal: to eliminate plastic water bottles while making exceptional quality water available everywhere. We plan to do that by placing water filling stations in every corner of Europe first and then the USA.

The science of water is emerging with new discoveries and technologies which means our understanding of water is changing, thus our ability to manage, utilise and treat water is changing.

Leveraging this new science, we use a combination of ceramics, revitalising units, precious minerals, noble metals and storage solutions that mimic the natural flow and characteristics of nature to arrive at a clean, elegant environmental solution that produces premium water.

Water that not only tests high for quality at point-of-source but also point-of-use. Urban Springs has created a refill station that re-creates and mimics waters natural flow in an environment that is optimally harmonised and offers users an unlimited amount of spring quality, highly energised water.

We can now redefine water quality and drink water that truly optimises our health. Something akin to finding water from a natural spring.

Our stations are sturdy and look great on the streets. They’re made of the highest quality and can withstand any weather conditions.

Our user-friendly display takes users through the easy refill process, including payment using a credit card or online credit.

A hologram visible at night helps people identify the filling station easily.

We’re here to put a stop to plastic bottles while providing exceptional water everywhere. We hope you’ll join us.