Our refill station will give your citizens an easy and affordable way to fill their water bottles. They’ll save up to 70% of the price of a new plastic water bottle. You’ll get a new and substantial revenue stream—and the oceans will stay clean and full of fish. Learn More


Bottled water takes large amounts of shelf space but typically earns supermarkets profit margins as low as 1-3%. Our refill stations offer supermarkets an easy and profitable way to raise their profit margins on water sales as high as 50% while also clearing their shelf space for more profitable products.   

Fast, Casual Dining/Convenience Stores

We offer fast, casual dining outlets and convenience stores an easy and profitable way to raise their profit margins on bottled water by up to 50%, and clear their shelves for more profitable products.

Selling Plastic Bottled Water?

  • Reduce shelf space taken by bottled water
  • Increase revenues by offering alternative, higher margin goods
  • Create a new revenue stream with refill water stations
  • Make more money from every liter of water you sell
  • Help your customers be more eco-friendly
  • Increase your corporate social responsibility (CSR) reputation

How It Works

We’ll deliver our refill stations to your site and help you place it in the most strategic location.
Our machines are easy to use and provide the highest quality of rewilded water to your customers.



Installation is easy, fast and non-disruptive



We take care of maintenance



Customers are charged on the spot


We share the revenue with you