Our Refill Stations

Our state-of-the-art water refill stations combine cutting edge technology and ease of use, providing users with fresh, quality water at an affordable price.

  • Hologram – Our hologram, displayed at night, provides an easy way to identify the nearest filling station. Batman has one, so do we!
  • Solar Panel — A solar panel on the top of the station generates power to operate the machine without the need for an external power source.
  • Digital Display —Instructions are simple. Choose a bottle size and make a payment.
  • Refill Area — Any size of bottle will work.
  • Maintenance —Our 4-step water re-wilding process converts regular tap water into clean and healthy high quality water. This is where the filtering system is located.


Available at every corner, of every city

A seamless, fun experience

Changing the way people consume water

One refill station at a time

The Station Display

Hover over the image and then click the right/left arrow to see the different screens.