Our Water

We bring the quality, energy and flow of a natural spring
into the urban environment

Our revitalisation process restores, restructures and returns the water back into its original quality

We call what we do:

Re-Wilding Water

The PRAE Model

To re-wild water, we use a 4-Step Revitalisation Model known as the PRAE Model which follows and mimics the flow of water throughout the hydrological cycle and includes waters incredible sensitivity to how it flows through the body, in nature and in our environment.



We remove the physical, chemical, microbiological, and vibrational contaminants in the water



We remove vibrational contaminants and create an organised structure



Inform water with organising energies



We harmonize the environment to maintain the waters’ integrity and stability

The Experience of Drinking Our Re-Wilded Water

"Imagine walking barefoot through a rich, virgin, mountain rainforest under a full moon. All the heavenly bodies and constellations are aligned. Every crunch under your feet reverberates harmoniously throughout your body with the vibration of the forest. You can hear the roar of a distant waterfall growing stronger with each step. Your heartbeat reveals the excitement within you until breaking clear of the forest your breath stops and you stand in awe of the magnificence that nature has designed before you and that few have glimpsed. You become overwhelmed with the joy and beauty of nature’s creative element in all its purity."

~ Matt Thornton, co-founder, UrbanSprings.com